Age-old anger.

Have you ever been betrayed so badly it takes months just to wrap your head around it?
I have, and it’s heart-wrenching.
I was so furious that this person had treated me so terribly! I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I would imagine what I would say to this person if we were to talk again face-to-face. I would spend all my free time poring over every single detail. If only I could let them know how I really felt!

I tried blocking those thoughts out, giving myself positive affirmations-the sadness and heartache would always return.

I eventually got tired of having to relive the betrayal over and over again, so I just thought “screw it.

I then ran over to my computer and wrote them a long-winded letter.

The most powerful part of the letter was the conclusion. It symbolized both the end of my agony and the conclusion of my relationship with that person.

I’m never going to send that letter, but I feel as though I’ve accomplished something and finally stood up for myself.

Yeah, betrayal hurts. It’ll hurt less if you learn from it and overcome it by whatever means possible. You’ll feel so much better afterwards.



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