Help! I’m Having Friend Problems! (high school)

Yep, I’ve been there.
High school…just….UGHHHH. I HATED high school.

They should have a manual that they give to every incoming freshman that includes the following tip: You’re going to make a sucky “friend”.

Face it, high schooler, you will make/probably have made at least one god-awful so-called “friend”.

How should you deal with this?
Well, there are two ways: the mature way or the immature way.
I’ve done both, and let me tell you-you want to take the mature way.
(by the way, the following story can apply to both genders. I use the pronoun ‘she’ because I am a female and I’m speaking from personal experience)

The Mature Way

1. First off, identify the problem.
See what you could do on your end to alleviate the tension.
For example, let’s say your friend wanted to hang out, but you couldn’t, so she’s angry.
Yeah, it sounds like a stupid example, but it happens.
You could ask her and see if you could hang out with her another time.
If she says yes, problem solved!
If she’s being a $&*^% about it, then go on to step two.
2. Is her anger just a mood swing?
If it is, give her space and she if she calms down about it later. If this behavior is a constant problem in your relationship, and you find yourself questioning this relationship, go to step three.
3. Do you need this constant drama in your life?
You are a strong individual. Do you really need to put up with this chick’s constant anger and cattiness? Absolutely not. You deserve better. Be strong, you’ll be better off without her in your life for now. Don’t be mean about it, just let her know that you need your space too. Be respectful.
Keep in mind that you deserve to be treated fairly, and her behavior is not making life easy for you.

Even though this is only high/middle/elementary(???) school, you deserve peace of mind as well. Keep your head up. You don’t need a bad friend holding you back from success.

Good luck!


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