Help! I just started a new anti-depressant/anxiety/other psychiatric medication!

(this advice/article is not meant to substitute that of a licensed medical professional. Take this with a grain of salt)

I wish someone had warned me about the side effects of psychiatric meds.

I am on Zoloft as part of a special treatment and even though it’s tough starting out, it’s worth it in the end.

What I experienced/what to expect:

Within an hour of taking my first Zoloft pill, I felt really relaxed, tired, and slightly euphoric.

Around 9, I went to bed super tired, yet I couldn’t sleep! I experienced EXTREME restless legs syndrome that even tap dancing couldn’t satisfy. It was awful. I just wanted to rest. I also became super manic. I kept scratching myself, rubbing my face, moving every 5 seconds when I was in bed, etc. I’m not even taking Zoloft for anxiety or depression in the first place-yet it seemed to amp up my anxious tendencies. It was terrifying and an awful experience. I slept very little, and when I did sleep, I had really trippy dreams.

I woke up feeling apathetic. I was numb. I felt no emotion whatsoever.

The same thing happened again for the next 2 days, then everything settled out. Zoloft has boosted my energy level and made me a more mellow person.

When I upped my dosage to 100mg, I felt the same symptoms as before yet they weren’t as bad. I also experience these symptoms if I skip a dose for more than 2 days (don’t do it, you’ll regret it. I was crying every hour, blacked out a few times, and was weak and couldn’t breathe).

My advice on surviving these symptoms:

Take your first pill in the early morning. Don’t plan on doing anything that day. Why? In case you have a bad reaction or become really manic, you can contain it in the privacy of your own home as opposed to work or school.

Make sure your bed is super comfortable-wash your sheets, fluff your pillows, warm your comforter, spray some lavender so you can have the best sleep possible.

BATHE. If you feel dirty while manic, you will hate yourself and just feel disgusting (even if you’re relatively clean!). Save yourself some trouble.

Bring a heating pad to bed in case you get restless legs syndrome.

Keep ibuprofen near by in case you get a headache.

If you are scared or having trouble sleeping, keep a good book nearby or watch TV (nothing scary, however). It helps.

It’s hard being on medication. I wish you the best of luck with it!


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