She’s So Fat: A Commentary on Haters

I just read several blogs bashing the “fatness” of Kate Upton.
While reading these, I wanted to throw up! The comments were sickening.

I’m proud of Kate Upton for taking these comments in stride. I am so happy that she is content with the way she looks. That’s the way it needs to be.

Why do people spend their time bashing others? I don’t understand it.

Humans view people through the lenses of their own inner reality, no matter how distorted it may be. If your reality is based on the idea that “I’m not beautiful/skinny/curvy/smart enough”, then you WILL start applying that mindset to other people (as is the case with the Kate Upton haters). You can try to justify your reasoning all you want, but deep inside you know this statement holds some grain of truth.

I am asking you, my readers, to contemplate the realms of your inner self.
Is your inner self positive? Or negative?
How does this affect your view of others?
How does your view of others affect your state of well-being/emotions/mood?

Think about it.

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