About the Author/Blogger/Whatever I’m Called


I am A, and I am the owner of Dark, but Life.

I created this blog so I can not only help myself heal from abuse, but help others as well.

A is not my real name (obviously). I prefer to remain relatively anonymous because:

1. I post some pretty personal stuff on here. It’s like my therapy. I want others to grow from my experiences, be they positive or negative.

2. I don’t want my abuser to find this blog. That would be bad!

3. I could be someone you know…like your neighbor, or your boss.

4. I don’t want others to thank me for helping them (or hurting them…?). I do this because helping others makes me feel better. I don’t want my name to be praised or criticized. I just want to the best Good Samaritan I can be.

I will tell you this about me:

1. I am an adult female. I am older than 19 but younger than 30.

2. My pen-name (A/Ra/Rhonda/whatever) is not even close to my real name. In fact, the first letter of my first name is in the second half of the alphabet…. ;p. Does that make sense? No? Good.

3. I combine both truth and fiction when writing about my personal experiences. I will write about an experience that did in fact happen to me but I will alter certain aspects of the story so that my readers will not be able to recognize me by it. I will never claim to have had something happen to me that in reality never occurred.

4. I like teacup piglets. I will never own one, but they are adorable.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!