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Dark, But Life strives to make someone else’s day a little brighter. We provide many resources and tips for those who are feeling sad or down on their luck.

This is a non-denominational blog. We are not affiliated with any religion, race, sex, etc.
Please do not put any hateful/harmful content on this page.
This site is not a substitute for a licensed therapist/medical doctor/medical professional/psychiatric professional/etc. By visiting this blog (Darkbutlife.wordpress.com), you acknowledge that I am in no way responsible for any medical/mental/emotional conditions caused by advice on this page, be it my own or the advice of another.

Font used on logo: GoodPeace (http://keepwaiting.deviantart.com/art/GoodPeace-Free-Font-123459042)

All content on this page belongs to their respective owners. I take no credit for any content featured on this page that isn’t mine.


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