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December’s Links!

1.)Turn Your Dreams Into Reality 2.)False Happiness vs Real Happiness 3.)10 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness 4.)Happiness Quotes Advertisements

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November’s Links!

1.)Saying What Needs to be Said 2.)24 Things I Learned in 24 Years 3.)Developing a Creative Mind 4.)How to Become a Winner

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October’s Links

1.)100 Ways to Nurture Yourself 2.)Things I’d Wish I’d Known When I Was 20 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 20 3.)Self Improvement Myths 4.)50 Ways to Give Back

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September’s Links

1.) 7 Habits of Happy People Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness 2.) Is Happiness Contagious? 3.) 70 Reminders to Keep You Motivated 4.) 10 Ways To Change Your Life 10 Ways to Change Your Life

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Growing Stronger After Abuse

“Today, I let someone touch my wrist without jumping away. I grew up with an abusive dad, and he would grab me by the wrists when he was going to start beating me, so I got used to flinching away. … Continue reading

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August’s Links!

1.)Brain Training can make you smarter 2.)Things you’re probably doing wrong 3.)Restore your spirit of wealth! 4.)Words of Advice from Somewhere Advice from Somewhere

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July’s Links!

July’s Links 1.)Happiness is a choice you make 2.)Happiness may be good for your health 3.)Need to get away? These ideas can help you on those days when you need a little R&R 4.)Permission to experience happiness … Continue reading

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Link: Blogs you should follow.

Some positive thinking blogs you should follow!

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Link: How To Stay Positive When Your Life Is Falling Apart

Beautiful and helpful article:How to stay positive when your life is falling apart.

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Music of the Week: May 27

1. “What Makes You Beautiful.” 2. “The Path of the Red Tree and Other Insights:Be calm, serenity is the path to freedom, freedom equals happiness.” 3. “One Love”-Bob Marley

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